[Bell Historians] Whitechapel charges

Richard Grimmett richard at X4va_2RHzJnhPsINZr2e4ej_OjSUvwv_eQB1L-6lC3xNbepO7Re0BREZoElNIBsk0aHBtWtwnefmLQ.yahoo.invalid
Fri Mar 19 19:05:08 GMT 2010

Peter Trent wrote:
> The Churchwarden of most recent project that I have had dealings 
> with  deliberately chose Whitechapel because they felt that by paying 
> them for a professional service  it showed a serious enquiry on their 
> part, of what is just an initial investigation as to the feasibility of 
> funding a restoration and not just using the free service and good 
> nature of the other firms... even though he was supplied with all the 
> names and contact details

Our case is different.  We are very definitely proceeding.  Even already 
procured the back three of a new ring of 10.  We want a new frame, 
fittings and a front 7!  Its definite business, not an initial 



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