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I recall - in the mid 70's, I think - the late Bill Hughes telling me that Whitechapel were going to start charging for Inspections and Reports. He said that it was amazing how many times they were called out, prepared a Report and Estimate(s) and then heard nothing, not even an acknowledgment, from the church or individual concerned, all without charge. They would therefore be charging for visits to cover expenses and expertise: the charge to be deducted from the account if an order was placed. I hope that my recollection is accurate at this interval of time, and it seems perfectly fair.

I know that Taylors used to make a charge in certain cases, especially those involving the installation and maintenance of chimes and carillons, though their present practice in this respect seems to accord with the bellhangers, as Matthew Higby has stated in regard to his Company.    


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  Is it usual policy for Whitechapel to charge a fee (of £80 for us) to 
  visit a tower when asked to quote for a new ring of bells?

  I have not come across this before (not that I have done or been 
  involved with many projects). Other companies are not making any charge.

  The £80 would be offset should they be awarded the job.

  What is the experience of others on the list please?

  Richard Grimmett

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