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Perhaps you should offer all the firms you want to tender an £80 fee for their estimates or  ask Whitechapel to waive theirs in the circumstances? For the combined expertise involved it is still cheaper than a Structural Engineers report or an initial Bat survey report come to that! 
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  Peter Trent wrote:
  > The Churchwarden of most recent project that I have had dealings 
  > with deliberately chose Whitechapel because they felt that by paying 
  > them for a professional service it showed a serious enquiry on their 
  > part, of what is just an initial investigation as to the feasibility of 
  > funding a restoration and not just using the free service and good 
  > nature of the other firms... even though he was supplied with all the 
  > names and contact details
  > PJT

  Our case is different. We are very definitely proceeding. Even already 
  procured the back three of a new ring of 10. We want a new frame, 
  fittings and a front 7! Its definite business, not an initial 


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