[Bell Historians] Whitechapel charges

Richard Grimmett richard at q-GSYi3Z_HYBKF5KT5f3CkMMEs0hALB08oxPD0jfHB-E5ToU8-EQySJq6M0Gw8OIr1Z7OUf-mjp91Av6JuN1.yahoo.invalid
Fri Mar 19 20:11:22 GMT 2010

Peter Trent wrote:
> Perhaps you should offer all the firms you want to tender an £80 fee for 
> their estimates or  ask Whitechapel to waive theirs in the 
> circumstances? For the combined expertise involved it is still cheaper 
> than a Structural Engineers report or an initial Bat survey report come 
> to that! 

It does not invalidate the DAC's requirement (and for that matter the 
PCC's too, amd also due diligence) of having a structural engineers 
report.  The bellahndgers and founders are not structural engineers by 
and large.

When money has been given by donors to a charity it is a tough decision 
for the trustees to pay out £80 of their donations when all other firms 
invited do it for free.



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