[Bell Historians] Whitechapel charges

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I am sure in the end it will come down to how much you want their involvement and how much they want your business.
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  Peter Trent wrote:
  > I am not suggesting that it is a substitute for a S E's report just 
  > of all the necessary requirements of a DAC £80 is not a huge amount to 
  > pay and even if all your tenderers charged similarly they jointly 
  > wouldn't be as expensive as many of the other individual professional 
  > fees involved. As you say, other firms don't charge or the trustees 
  > would have to pay out even more and if Whitechapel get the contract you 
  > get your £80 back anyway

  Golly Peter, if I was a supplier I would love customers like 
  you,prepared to give your hard earned cash away for nothing.

  We don't expect any advice on this matter. We doubt the 
  bellhangers/foundries will be able to tell us much more than we already 
  know. We have a job to be done which we have specified. We are 
  offering companies an opportunity to quote. It is hard to understand 
  why we should pay one for the privilege of being able to bid for our 


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