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Sat Mar 20 08:46:33 GMT 2010

Gosh, If ever there was a way of causing alternative views to be sort, this
must be it.
Yes I have heard of visit charging, but not for quite a long time, and not
against an RFQ for anything substantial.
Has this tower asked several times before, even if some time ago. Perhaps
Whitechapple have reason to believe they are very unlikely to get work.

On 19 March 2010 18:18, Richard Grimmett <richard at bn63ai34cZbl8lklVfSYxAA48cTgJC5NQq2_8oRr2r2ulO-__ufXijpRYJs1u7CCzutGH6iB7ZREua-a1A.yahoo.invalid> wrote:

> Is it usual policy for Whitechapel to charge a fee (of £80 for us) to
> visit a tower when asked to quote for a new ring of bells?
> I have not come across this before (not that I have done or been
> involved with many projects). Other companies are not making any charge.
> The £80 would be offset should they be awarded the job.
> What is the experience of others on the list please?
> Thanks
> Richard Grimmett
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