[Bell Historians] Whitechapel charges

Richard Grimmett richard at qQQnwLl_0YJbxI6BqBPN4T5MnVLB4qOYe080kV8QFVCG9t0rTpmagiO7NaI1UBnVWDwnJOhBXiZEP72FbA.yahoo.invalid
Sat Mar 20 09:41:06 GMT 2010

Roderic Bickerton wrote:
> Gosh, If ever there was a way of causing alternative views to be sort, 
> this must be it.
> Yes I have heard of visit charging, but not for quite a long time, and 
> not against an RFQ for anything substantial.
> Has this tower asked several times before, even if some time ago. 
> Perhaps Whitechapple have reason to believe they are very unlikely to 
> get work.

No the tower has not asked before.  I have no deifinitive response to 
makew to the last sentence.  Certainly Whitechapel's experiences were 
probably quite painful putting in the Bullring, but I was not around 
here at that time and none of the people involved locally in that 
project are involved in this one.



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