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 When I worked for Harrison and Harrison the organ builders some ten years ago they made a charge of about £250 for a report and quote for almost all work unless it was an instrument which they tuned or maintained regularly. The fee was refundable against a place contract. As far as I know they still do as do the other large organ building companies. They justified it due to the amount of time and research needed for a thorough quote. Can WCBF justify there charge when the smaller companies don't charge for reports? Having written a good number myself I feel that in a smaller company we give just as good service for free and what's more having one person report writing in a small company is far more costly as we have fewer staff to spare on non production activities. 

 David Godwin


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> No the tower has not asked before.  I have no deifinitive response to 
> makew to the last sentence.  Certainly Whitechapel's experiences were 
> probably quite painful putting in the Bullring, but I was not around 
> here at that time and none of the people involved locally in that 
> project are involved in this one.
> Richard

I'd thought the days of paying for estimates/qoutes from proffesional companies had by and large gone. If you wanted them to qoute for an overseas project then I'd understand a charge being made.

I'd have said that in reality, any company who wants to charge for them being offered a chance to win some work is crazy. The golden age of bellfounding is long gone and I beleive that in the UK,the majority of bell work will be augmentations, rehangs, etc and not that many new installations.

An installation of a "new" 10 is a major job so personally, I'd expect Whitechapel to qoute for free or not qoute at all. If they won't qoute for free for a job like that then they may not want or need the work.



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