[Bell Historians] Whitechapel charges

Robert Lewis editor at _Ah1VrwDsKF8C_nD2RuQLHH9IB1p5zTmPHRPPVpnnReqJtc-Vs-uuT2vy1UfOf4hBJegWH91Jwk4_tnzfNxKGlKBUA.yahoo.invalid
Sun Mar 21 11:16:04 GMT 2010

At 22:34 20/03/2010, David Godwin wrote:

>Having written a good number myself I feel that in a smaller company 
>we give just as good service for free and what's more having one 
>person report writing in a small company is far more costly as we 
>have fewer staff to spare on non production activities.

Which "smaller company" is that then?

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