[Bell Historians] Whitechapel charges

Richard Grimmett richard at scTJ7WqH9yjTjB2iMgeOiB52YToIykvVmXHaj1DzvvDwjmJx5qFiXo3wH55-o_4-WKHkWkHg7VfpGarxUmSR.yahoo.invalid
Sun Mar 21 09:27:19 GMT 2010

Simon Reading wrote:

>> David Willis wrote:
>> > Can you remind us of the website where you describe what you are
>> > proposing to
>> > do please .
>> http://www.stmarysbells.org/ <http://www.stmarysbells.org/>
> Interesting that the bells given as an example of how Moseley could 
> sound are Abergavennny, whereas it appears the new bells are definitely 
> not going to be Taylors...

Well .......  think modernish ring rather than specific foundry.  Weight 
is wrong too, key definitely wrong.  But the target audience is the 
parish that need to understand how revolting the steel bells are and 
this draws a good comparison for that purpose.



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