[Bell Historians] Whitechapel charges

David Bryant davidbryant at kxXEDXDe2iNcE3t6bgzUQWzA9a48g63X2uboZXej8iV4USaHQjgh4PtCz7HDHeGFQI8mAEfDGX3zC3fmkA3hpQ.yahoo.invalid
Sun Mar 21 09:36:24 GMT 2010

"Yes I noticed that too.  The new 10 are never going to be in the key of D 
are they,
 more like E ?  Whitechapel are making something of their claim to create G 
& J bells
which must in the eyes of some make them very qualified to cast the other 7 

Taylor's are perfectly capable of casting G&J profile bells, too.



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