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It's a rather misleading statement to say that "others guess the shapes and
claim G & J style".   I don't know what the Dutch foundries have done in the
past, but the profiles used at Whitechapel are accurate replicas taken from
existing G & J bells, so they certainly aren't 'guesses'.


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A very interesting debate!

For the avoidance of doubt Taylor's were contracted to cast bells by G&J 
in the early 50's during the last couple of years of their existence and 
all of the G&J strickles and tuning forks are at Loughborough.
Whilst others can guess the shapes and claim G&J "style" castings JT can 
actually deliver the real thing.

Also I confirm that JT does not charge for inspections and that we agree 
with the views expressed by Richard and others about the commercial 
realities of the modern sales environment.


George Dawson wrote:
> ."
> Taylor's are perfectly capable of casting G&J profile bells, too.
> Back in 1980 when we were considering the augmentation of Nottingham 
> St Marys from 10 to 12, I was summoned to Loughborough & shown 2 
> wooden strickles & told that Taylors would cast 2 'G&J' bells using 
> those strickles if required. (In the event the PCC went to a different 
> contractor).
> George


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