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Mon Mar 22 12:51:40 GMT 2010

DLC:  One of the worst features of the G&J carillon 
at Riverside NY was the distance betwen the several tiers of bells.

Actually, Riverside is no worse than several 4-octave carillons I've seen, because the playing cabin is in the midst of the bells.  The trebles are immediately above the cabin - as good a position as can be found in terms of playability.  Tim Hurd did make some minor adjustments in the positioning of some of the mids, which surround the cabin on three sides, but the overall disposition remains much as designed by G&J.

DLC is quite correct about the audibility problems for the listener, resulting from the height of the tower.  However, the office/education building which was later constructed just to the south of the church now provides an excellent listening area on its flat roof.  From that place, the effective height of the tower is reduced to about 200 feet, and most of the bells can be heard quite well.  Even so, the last octave of trebles are admittedly almost useless.

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