[Bell Historians] Whitechapel charges

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"I would suggest that sometimes, there is too much "outside"
interference when it comes to those who do the hanging casting work-it
must be very frustrating sometimes for those who tune and rehang bells
when they have limitations imposed on them and they know that a better
result could be achieved if the were left to get on with it.


Lets include the problems caused by retaining an old useless but
historic frame in the only place in the tower suitable for bells,
resulting in the bells failing to do there work because of reduced
power, being unpleasant to ring because they are to close to the
ringers, or permanently blighting future use of the ground floor of the
An even worse outcome, not infrequent for village 3's is they are "made
safe" by  being hung dead in the old frame, wiping out may be 400 years
of ringing heritage in the name of preservation.

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