[Bell Historians] Isle of Wight

Chris Frye Chris at 2Mi9dyxZS63U4dukor5zyMLKItz4YgkVkTkaSs17aGFvfIXgVriPVDXijjh8fRFzs43wMop6Vw3Ri8Q.yahoo.invalid
Wed Mar 24 09:43:57 GMT 2010

 >George Dawson wrote: Are there any members of this group on the Island??


I don't know if he is on this list, but I think that Steve Noyes may be a
useful contact. See eg http://www.noyes.org.uk/iw/iwtowers.htm

I'll be there at Easter for a week.  

Chris Frye.

PS I learned to ring at Ryde. So for me, in a very personal way, the Taylor
A frame could be called "the mother of all bell frames". For a number of
years I assumed that all frames were like that! 

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