[Bell Historians] Conservation gone wrong (was Whitechapel charges)

David Bryant davidbryant at W-LNE_PNXTEGrgMWZnxWoc96vAzA94spzfpvrE4y3cyK0v4RIzhfhdOVx6SzbKrr2Awe9TTCB4Y8J39Nt4OZd6PEWQ.yahoo.invalid
Wed Mar 24 11:10:18 GMT 2010

"The composite Taylor frame was left at Holy Trinity, Larkhill, Blackburn when the Church was made redundant and the bells transferred to another Blackburn Church. Maybe elements of that frame could have been used elsewhere?"


The castings in those A frames aren't very good - they have no ribs on them so can flex too easily. Also take up a lot more space than H castings.



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