[Bell Historians] new Government policies on historic environment published

Anne Willis zen16073 at TgxaEWjA7LFcDlZ34ELQG7DQajUpB0US1r4yyZGUKp30k8tlzed6Zy54jkzAH0nY3O3d-vNksPOntyNvQg.yahoo.invalid
Wed Mar 24 14:36:23 GMT 2010


>I think those involved in bell work might well be able to batter certain
heritage practitioners over the head with the quote, "managed intelligently
and in a way that fully realises its contribution to the economic, social
>and cultural life of the nation."!



>Presumably with a wrought iron clapper - none of this modern cast rubbish!

>Andrew Higson


Good job I have four in my garage.


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