[Bell Historians] Fort William

Chris Frye Chris at _gGVwHVSUaJJ8CqeNl48rq589K36hAaxie8Ph6pRb2UCV5X2Zl5StSd93Y2GL_znnaHsxRGuFuHqcg.yahoo.invalid
Fri Mar 26 12:02:30 GMT 2010

>Mike Chester wrote: I have been asked for information about the bells at St
Mary's Church, Fort William. Can anyone help? Is this the R.C. church,


There seems to have been enough detail come forward about the chime at St
Mary's Catholic Church. The only point I could add is that the OS reference
on Mike Chester's chimes list is not correct. St Mary's church is at NN
106741 at the east end of the town centre, as we have already heard.

Chris Frye.

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