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Thanks for this, Chris / Alan.

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Hi Bryan,

The following is an excerpt from an article I am writing about St.

Best wishes


St. James (Granville) Vancouver, B.C.

This tower has a
ring of 8
bells cast by Taylor ’s
of Loughborough in 1936.  
The tenor weighs
41cwt 1 qrtr
8 lbs.   If only they had been
hung for ringing, they would be the second
heaviest ringing 8 in the world.  
Thanks to Andrew
Higson of Taylor ,
Eayre & Smith,
the complete details of the bells are as follows:
NOTE                WEIGHT                        DIAMETER
C                      5-1-22               30.5 in.
B                      6-0-22               32.0 in.
A                      8-3-22               36 in.
G                      12-2-11            40.5
F                      18-1-7               45.5 in.
E                      20-1-25            48
D                      31-2-20            53.88
(517 Hz)         41-1-8               60.5 in.
The inscription
band for bell
nos. 1 through 7 shows
& Co. *
* 1936 *
End of quote

Bryan McCahey wrote: 
>Thanks for this Alan. What date is the Vancouver chime?
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>Hello Bryan,  
>>This is interesting because the clavier for the Taylor 42 cwt chime in
>St. James (Anglican) church in Vancouver is also located immediately
>beneath the bells.  It is surrounded by walls and ceiling of what we
>know as 'ten test' for sound control inside the room.  
>>Someone had written out a course of Stedman Triples in music format,
>which my wife played.  Sounded great on that 42 cwt 8.
>>At St. James, there is also an automated chiming system, fed from the
>player-piano style equipment behind the choir.   This system uses
>electro-pneumatic connections between  player and belfry.
>>Thanks for your info.
>>Alan Ellis
>>Vancouver BC
>>Bryan McCahey wrote:
>>The 8 bell chime in Fort William is indeed at St. Mary's RC
>>Church to the east of the town. I did a knock-knock there when on
>>holiday in 1995. The parish priest gave me the tower key and was very
>>happy for me to explore unaccompanied. There was an old people's home
>>immediately next door so he asked me to ring only for a few minutes,
>>which I duly did! They were a magnificent Taylor chime of 24 cwts in D,
>>contemporary with the church (1930s, I think). The tower is massive and
>>rises above the sanctuary at the east end. Access was from a prominent
>>stair turret in the north west corner of the tower, accessed from the
>>rather elaborate sanctuary. 
>>>>I seem to remember quite an impressive painted ceiling below the tower
>>a la Buckfast, but might be wrong here. The church itself has an
>>impressive parabolic vaulted roof to the nave and is reminscent,
>>inside, of a 1930s art deco cinema. Because the tower is so squat,
>>there is no ringing room. Consequently the baton clavier is attached to
>>one side of the bell frame itself with no sound-proofing cabin for
>>protection.  Why the chiming appratus was not positioned at
>>ground-level is unclear. Perhaps for aesthetic reasons?  The noise from
>>the clavier was understandably deafening and it was just as well I only
>>rang a few hymn tunes and some plain hunt! Probably because of the
>>unsatisfactory ringing arrangements (and possibly complaints from the
>>home next door) the bells were not rung very often. The installation
>>was in good order though and the bellchamber very clean and well
>>maintained. The small louvres are in rows of four round-headed arches
>>on each side. An unusual feature was that some were hinged for opening.
>>Several were ajar, I think. 
>>>>Bryan McCahey
From: >>Richard Smith <richard at ex-parrot. com>
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>>Mike wrote:
>>>>> I have been asked for information about the bells at St 
>>>>> Mary's Church, Fort William. Can anyone help? Is this the 
>>>>> R.C. church, perhaps?
>>>>Dove claims the unringable four are in St Andrew's, which is 
>>>>the dedication of the Episcopal church there. The Catholic 
>>>>church is dedicated to St Mary. From memory, there are four 
>>>>churches in Fort William with towers that look substantial 
>>>>enough to house a light four, and it's possible that one of 
>>>>the others may be dedicated to St Andrew too.

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