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Mon Mar 29 12:05:00 BST 2010

This one's not about Bells.

As some folks will know I moved to Margate last July. I also changed my internet address.

For some reason, bell historians kept sending me two of everything. One to my new e-address, as above and one to the old Wanadoo address. So I got two of your outpourings all the time....

This last week I've been having a box come up asking for my wanadoo password, which I neither have now nor remember. If a wanadoo message was first in line to appear, it effectively blocks my btinternet mail coming in.

I tried unsubscribing, but it managed to unsubscribe me from wanadoo and btinternet. David couldn't advise.

Basically, I want to unsubscribe from bell historians, and then just re subscribe to the group using my btinternet address and that alone.

I need VERY SIMPLE guidance. Any offers? Possibly best on my davidl.cawley at btinternet address.


Dave Cawley  
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