[Bell Historians] Night Casting

Carl Scott Zimmerman csz_stl at -xe2iib-eo0K0B99twBG2t17xg4VQeiE9e9fYFJqBcDudBHDJmyZ-z76VKraSEK0m_Cyshls5CagR2Q.yahoo.invalid
Fri Oct 1 06:58:46 BST 2010

At 17:02 -0400 2010/09/29, matthewhigby at pF7yGIXk6_IGEUSy0wlluQhbtQRB2F8mzloYCf-pFAzdDqfOXxvK1Ta5t1q06OOq7p4oY0NUvt2B7OyC.yahoo.invalid wrote:
>The following clip may be of interest to members of this list. Dutch
>bellfounder Simeon Laudy recently cast a bell in Utrecht city centre -

Two years ago, Simon Laudy cast a small bell in the marketplace below 
the Martinitoren in Groningen, as one of the events of the World 
Carillon Federation Congress which was meeting there.  The furnace 
took longer to heat than expected, and it was late evening before the 
pour occurred - very dramatic!



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