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List members may be interested to know of a recent article that sheds light on a little-known facet of the history of G&J - the manufacture of domestic clocks. In 1923 Cyril Johnston joined forces with F.W. Elliott of Clerkenwell and Elliotts continued with the production of domestic clocks while G&J continued to make church clocks.

An account of Elliotts (of which Cyril Johnston was chairman from 1944 until his death in 1950) has just been published:

"F.W. Elliott Ltd: A Dynasty of English Clockmakers" in an article "Clock Making in Twentieth-Century England and Wales, Part 2" by John Glanville and Bill Wolmuth in Antiquarian Horology Vol.32 no.3 (September 2010) pp.343-353

I've been intrigued by the Elliott connection for some time but unable to find out much about it. Here, at last, are the answers!

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