[Bell Historians] Stolen Bell, Shotwick, Cheshire

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I think the trouble is that if, as is quite likely, the theft was carried
out in broad daylight many people would assume that the people doing it were

A story from many years ago: one afternoon a group of men turned up at the
cinema in Crowborough, Sussex and asked to see the manager's secretary.
"We've come to repair the safe" one of them said.  "Where is it?"  She
pointed it out to them, the safe was carried out to a van parked outside...
and that was the last anyone saw of it.

Unfortunately, it seems to me that any church that keeps bells on display on
the floor of the church has to regard them as being at risk.

Peter Rivet

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  Subject: [Bell Historians] Stolen Bell, Shotwick, Cheshire

  The old Tenor Bell at Shotwick, cast by John Scott of Wigan in 1664, and
kept at the foot of the tower, has reportedly been stolen.

  A picture of the bell may be found on the Wirral Branch website
www.wirralbranch.org.uk then selecting Shotwick (from the clickable map)
then selecting picture gallery.

  The church is located at the end of some half-a-mile of a narrow country
lane so it is perhaps a  little surprising that the thieves have taken the
risk of finding their only escape route blocked had someone in the village
noticed something strange happening and called the police.

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