[Bell Historians] Stolen Bell, Shotwick, Cheshire

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> I think the trouble is that if, as is quite likely, the theft was carried
> out in broad daylight many people would assume that the people doing it were
> "official".
> A story from many years ago: one afternoon a group of men turned up at the
> cinema in Crowborough, Sussex and asked to see the manager's secretary.
> "We've come to repair the safe" one of them said.  "Where is it?"  She
> pointed it out to them, the safe was carried out to a van parked outside...
> and that was the last anyone saw of it.
> Unfortunately, it seems to me that any church that keeps bells on display on
> the floor of the church has to regard them as being at risk.
> Peter Rivet

Its bad when anything and everything is at risk of being stolen. A while ago, the Council cemetry chapel in Barnoldswick, lost some of its roofing slates due to theft.

Only the other day, there was a case of theft from the Church in Horton in Ribblesdale-and that is surrounded by houses on four sides of the building!

Quite recently, there was something in a local newspaper about theft of toys that had been left on a young childs grave-that is just sick. I don't have kids, but if I did, I'd be gutted.

I can't believe some people have sunk so low as to removed toys from a childs grave-thats just unforgivable.



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