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There are two different approaches to conservation.

When considering whether to list buildings English Heritage do it on the
quality of the building.  They will list a Georgian town house because it's
a cultural asset - it doesn't matter whether they have already listed 1 or
100 in the same town.

The criteria for identifying Sites of Special Scientific Interest work quite
differently.  English Nature are only allowed to designate two examples of
one rare and interesting habitat, such as a salt marsh, in each particular
area - if there's a third one it goes unprotected.

For buildings I think the first approach is more logical, especially as you
have to take into account the possibilty that the building or habitat may be
destroyed by forces outside your control. But what is rare and interesting?
English Heritage list anything before 1840 which is in more or less its
original state.  For bells, that's not an appropriate cutoff date; it covers
vast numbers of Whitechapel and Gloucester bells which cannot be regarded as

Peter Rivet

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  Which is exactly what I thought - two opposing points - point 1: if you
have 1000 examples or 1 does not influence the listing of individual
examples - point 2: if you have one example it is important to list it!
  Oxymoron or what?
  > Richard Offen. "Probably my poor wording..."

  I thought the wording was clear. There were two independent points: (i)
  number must not influence the listing of individual examples (ii) the
  smaller the number of examples, the more important it is to both list and
  consider preserving.

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