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Sat Oct 23 10:15:59 BST 2010

On 22/10/2010 16:40, Chris Pickford wrote:
> “...The frame was made in one solid casting weighing half a ton, and
> divided into three separate trains - the hour train, the train operating
> the quarter-hour Westminster chimes, and the general driving train. The
> escapement is after the pattern connected with the late Lord Grimthorpe,
> the double three-legged gravity, and the wearing parts are jewelled as
> in a watch, which is noticeable in conjunction with the fact that the
> main wheels are 24in. in diameter, and weigh close on 1 cwt. each, The
> pendulum, which is 15ft. long, goes through to the floor below; it
> weighs 4cwt. and beats with a swing of two seconds' duration each way.
> The clock will go for a week on one winding, and an automatic
> arrangement throws the chimes out of gear during the night hours. The
> hour bell, weighing over 6 tons, and the quarter-hour chimes (4 tons)
> were cast by Messrs. Taylor, of Loughborough'. The total weight of the
> clock and bells when installed will exceed 20 tons. The cogged wheels in
> the mechanism, in addition to the bushes and pivot holes, are all of gun
> metal, polished and lacquered, and, needless to say, exactly fitting in
> with one another.”

I don't think the night arrangement is working - when I lived adjacent 
to the university in Metchley Park Road I  would often listen to them 
through the night.



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