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Sat Oct 23 18:48:21 BST 2010

On 23/10/2010 18:25, Hoppie(s) wrote:
> Perhaps the mechanism is worn out. Some time in, I think 1968, A ringer
> called Michael something AKA Tyres managed to get hold of a key to the
> tower. He fabricated a template to fit over the countwheel and block
> the gaps. He told us one day that, the following day at 11:00 am, the
> hour bell would not stop striking.
> We all told friends and fellow students of this and, sure to his word,
> at 11:00am the hour bell continued to chime. It went on for twenty
> minutes when, I assume, someone managed to get up there to stop it.
> Hey Ho. Great days.

Michael Jefferyes?



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