Bitterne Park Bells Before 1957

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Mon Oct 25 15:30:05 BST 2010

I am researching the history of the Bitterne Park bells and cannot find any information on the original three bells which were hung for Ellacombe chiming in the gable end of the nave roof before the six were transferred from St Maurice, Winchester.

When we augmented to 12 in 2008, we removed the old chiming rope pulleys and brackets from the ringing chamber ceiling. The headstock for the larger bell is still in situ in the central arch of three in the old gable end (now part of the east wall in the tower belfry which was completed in 1954).

The only two bells still in the church which predate the tower completion and not transferred are the service bell in the North East turret (approx 2 1/2 cwt cast in 1926 M&S) and the flat sixth which was the previous service bell in the tower hung dead when the eight were there (approx 2 3/4 cwt cast in 1900 M&S).

M&S hung the eight (the St Maurice 6 with 2 new trebles and recast tenor) in 1957 but Whitechapel say they have no record of taking any bells out. The parish church was built in 1924 replacing a temporary tin tabernacle building. The funds for the build were supported by the demolition of St Laurence on the High Street, Southampton. Any information or advice on where to look would be gratefully received.

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