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Mon Oct 25 13:18:14 BST 2010

    I am trying to find the location of a number of bells and hope someone may be of help.

    There are three bells which were supplied to Burns Philp & Co Ltd, presumably of Surrey but now believed to be a shipping company operating out of Australian ports. These bells are: 
            No. 5425;  18 1/4";   1-1-4 in B;  1935.
            No. 5743;  18 3/16";  1-1-6 in B;  1937.
            No. 5741;  18 1/8";   1-0-23 in B-;  1936.
The last two were sent to Carshalton, nodoubt to complete a quick order.

        Then there are two bells for 'Makambo':
            No. 5151;   15 1/16";  0-2-26 in D;  1935
            No. 5207;   15 1/8";  0-2-25 in D;  1935. (This bell was sent to Guernsey).

        On 'googleing 'Macambo' one finds that this is a steamship owned by Burns Philp. She carried passengers and cargo and was principally used on routs between eastern Australia and islands in Melanesia and the Tasman Sea. There seems to be no obvious proof that she ever visited the UK.
        Are these two names connected in any way? We are basically looking for two bells which could be housed somewhere down under. Any ideas?


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