[Bell Historians] Riverside Carillon.

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This bell is in private ownership. As soon as I knew of this anomaly I asked the owner to check with the reply that the 5 7/8 is the inside of the bell.

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  Presumably it is not possible to check this now as the top octaves of the carillon have been recast to a different profile. 


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    Would 5 7/8" be the strike diameter at the thickest part of the sound bow? would your informant be able to check this?

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    That's precisely what I'm wanting to know. G&J says diameter is 5 7/8 inches, actual outside measurement, as measured by my informant - 7 inches. The former measurement being the inside. 

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      Hoe very odd, Hoe on earth can you sensibly determine an inside diameter at the lip the shape being a curve?
      sounds an implaudable explanation.

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        My attention has been drawn to the fact that there may be two ways of measuring a bell's diameter. Bell No.7 of the G&J Riverside Carillon, weighing only 15lbs, has been measured as 7" (no typo error)on the outside (lip to lip)but in the G&J Tuning Books it is given as 5 7/8". The measurements have been checked by my informer and shows the smaller measurement to be that of the INSIDE of the bell. What of the other bells here, I wonder?

        Is this the usual practice of Cyril or may be anyone else?


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