[Bell Historians] How well do bell recordings sell?

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Mon Apr 4 07:25:24 BST 2011

fartwell2000 wrote on 04/04/2011 00:52:

> It would be a home made disc, printed label on disc, printed CD case insert. The "Source" recordings would be made on a minidisc, with a stereo microphone (not plugged directly into the recorder-you pick up noise from the recorder sometimes!). The source recordings would then be placed onto a couple of "master" discs.

Have you considered upgrading to one of the many recorders with no 
moving parts? So far as I am aware it is nigh on impossible to transfer 
recordings from minidisc to computer without going through another cycle 
of analogue to digital conversion, implying that the final result is 
subtly different from the original recording. The more recent generation 
of digital recorders allow direct copying of the digital file without 
change. Just a thought, but it is probably one of the reasons that 
minidisc fell by the wayside.

Hayden Charles


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