How well do bell recordings sell?

fartwell2000 alanjbirney at
Mon Apr 4 00:52:50 BST 2011

I am considering making some new bell recordings and putting them onto compact discs, to be sold in aid of some Northern bell projects.

Just wondering how well such compact discs sell? I can make a run of 100-200 or more, then make more on demand-but if the project was only going to make a few hundred quid, its not worth doing. If there was going to be a net profit of £1,000 or more, its worth doing as several projects would benefit.

It would be a home made disc, printed label on disc, printed CD case insert. The "Source" recordings would be made on a minidisc, with a stereo microphone (not plugged directly into the recorder-you pick up noise from the recorder sometimes!). The source recordings would then be placed onto a couple of "master" discs.

How succesful have other people been with this sort of venture, bearing in mind that the discs would be sold via local meetings, through an advert in the RW, etc, and not through shops, etc.

Also, what is the going rate for such a CD to be sold at?



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