[Bell Historians] Leeds Parish Church

Richard Smith richard at mbhopn8OOJx7_A_U1u8uxG4IUWHesNJ2l9AtKbFxw9uVwX1zrZyEy_FWTW7XTmpy_KulUb6VuOFQEL1y_i3IcQ.yahoo.invalid
Mon Apr 4 11:10:55 BST 2011

Chris Pickford wrote:

> Nick's details for the tenor are correct - supplied as 
> 35-1-9, scrapped at 32-2-16. The 8th was supplied as 
> 12-2-7 (1932 scrapping weight 12-1-4)

Thanks, Nick and Chris, for that.

Would anyone also happen to have the weights of the 8th and 
9th of the old Mears twelve at Halifax?  (CJP's spreadsheet 
gives the tenor as 25-2-23.)

In case anyone's wondering, the 8th at Leeds and the 9th at 
Halifax were (with the exception of Exeter which is a 
somewhat different case) the tenors of the first two light 
eights formed by the use of a semitone bell: at Leeds, a 
sharp second cast as part of the new twelve in 1841, and at 
Halifax, a flat sixth added during the augmentation from 
ten in 1857.



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