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Ted asked about the cause of weight disrepancies. It's a bit of an "awkward topic", and I hope we can avoid going down the route of making accusations against firms or individuals if this thread continues. 

Similarly, the idea (often banded about - though mostly without hard evidence as far as I can tell) that bell weights sometimes included clappers and headstocks can largely be discounted. Yes, I do know of a few examples - but these were often freight weights (i.e. relating to the cost of carriage) rather than the nett bell weights invoiced by the founders

In some cases canon removal or retuning may account for the differences, but in most cases it is just down to the accuracy of weighing. Sometimes the difference can be surprisingly large. If nett scrapping weights are given (as with the two Leeds bells) then a deduction will have been made for staple and dirt - the staple, of course, would have been included in the weight originally recorded when the bell was new. This will account for part of the difference - but not as much as the figures we've been looking at

Halifax 9th, Richard, was 12-0-21

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