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Mon Apr 4 11:23:02 BST 2011

On 04/04/2011 11:02, Dickon Love wrote:
> > What causes these discrepancies?
> Normally the tolerances in the weighing machines, which seem to be greater
> for larger bells. Alan Hughes told me that he expects his weighing machine
> to be plus or minus 2 pounds, which partly explains his bewilderment 
> at the
> obscession ringers have with bell weights! Even the old tenor from 
> Cornhill
> was weighed at Whitechapel (1960) as 42-0-6, but weighed at Taylors as
> 42-2-24.

It would be interesting to know of any disputes that have resulted down 
the years as a consequence of this; perhaps there could be an article in it.

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