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Ted Steele ted.steele at LDkhOsXgO1o_3LBFhaq71BJVG9tNCD1Gc7neMzyvzuqLH-ALSSAAjzgulOJGTw6LU9BEd3SSk1QhaZU.yahoo.invalid
Mon Apr 4 11:29:29 BST 2011

On 04/04/2011 11:24, Chris Pickford wrote:
> Ted asked about the cause of weight disrepancies. It's a bit of an 
> "awkward topic", and I hope we can avoid going down the route of 
> making accusations against firms or individuals if this thread continues.

I certainly would not wish that. In my last message, in which I 
mentioned the possibility of an article, I was thinking purely of 
historical cases that are no longer contentious.

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