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In the interests of historical accuracy, I was being fairly speculative about 
St. John the Divine, Fairfield; it's just that the dates matched and I knew that 
the Fairfield bell had been sold! Permission to climb the tower was refused when 
I asked in 1997. There had been a lot of talk of the spire being unsafe and it 
narrowly escaped demolition a few years ago. The then churchwarden said that the 
"bell's housing" was still in place. See http://fairfieldspire.co.uk/#

Bryan McCahey

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Have been following this one for a  bit:
Bell owned by  Oswestry dealer inscribed waist (Royal Arms) / E  & T JONES / 46 
DUKE STREET / LIVERPOOL Soundbow: 1853 (full inscription not  visible from 
photo). Diameter 17”. Peg argent cut off. (Ex.inf.David Kelly, 13 January 2010)
E. &  T. Jones, brassfounders, 46 Duke Street  listed in 1855 Directory (web 
search); There is only one Jones listed as a  brassfounder and that is Edward 
Jones & Co of 46 Duke Street, Liverpool.  This entry is in the Directory for 
1851 and 1855 - we don’t have an 1853 copy  (Ex.inf.Liverpool Record Office)
Same bell  later appeared on eBay in ownership of Cannock dealer (UK 
Architectural Antiques  Ltd) priced at £1800. Photos show inscription exactly as 
above. Diameter 17”,  weight 55kg (1-0-9¼) (eBay, August 2010)
Bryan McCahey thinks it could possibly have  come from St. John the Divine, 
Fairfield ,   Liverpool was built 1851-53. The framing  survives, but the bell 
was apparently sold in  1980
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