[Bell Historians] G&J

irkibby irkibby at ZjG3KLSMYLIbi3Ku6y5mUofBjy1tRQ7DWHSpuR8D_5HYIdPv6ILThwlmjNodxTeCAXsJlQbdq9rOffsuDQ.yahoo.invalid
Tue Apr 26 11:33:10 BST 2011

There is one of these devices on the tenor clapper at Shilton near Coventry (complete G+J job of 1925, 6cwt tenor). At present only one of the toggles is functioning which provides quite an odd sound to the bell... it sings beautifully one stroke and goes "plonk" the next.


> its likely the arrangement was designed with more clapper energy than normal, as it would avoid the consequences of heavy clappering.
> How do other bells perform after the mechanism is removed?
> Do they suffer heavy crashy clapper performance?


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