New Publication - Bells of York

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Tue Feb 1 18:33:49 GMT 2011

The Bells of York

A new publication surveying the bells in the City of York.  This book by DAVID J BRYANT is a highly detailed and interesting work.  It covers all the bells in the City (including the suburbs) with exception to those in schools.  

Over 250 pages ** Colour photos ** Quality hard back binding

It is anticipated that approximately thirty copies will be produced.  Obviously with such a short print run his work will be a very valuable source in anybody's ringing library.   

If you wish to buy David's book please email me at Kevin at  no later than the 15th February 2011 to reserve your copy.  The cost will be about £55.  Proceeds will go towards the York Bell Fund.  

Kevin D Atkinson
York Minster


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