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The Bells of York

A new publication surveying the bells in the City of York.  This book by DAVID J 
BRYANT is a highly detailed and interesting work.  It covers all the bells in 
the City (including the suburbs) with exception to those in schools. 

Over 250 pages ** Colour photos ** Quality hard back binding

It is anticipated that approximately thirty copies will be produced.  Obviously 
with such a short print run his work will be a very valuable source in anybody's 
ringing library. 

If you wish to buy David's book please email me at Kevin at Sh_sM0eMReTk5AmLKfbQ7sweIkJd19fyeQAiirIRqvzfEbfwRC3RLIfOU4Wlp2CorItGxr5xMc8.yahoo.invalid no later than 
the 15th February 2011 to reserve your copy.  The cost will be about £55.  
Proceeds will go towards the York Bell Fund. 

Kevin D Atkinson
York Minster


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