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Richard Smith richard at wbQulbxek6CSLUM1j2p8HK_-HVnumFWv4oTJfryNVZZ2lmsOkrV4KiF9mWrp7b3J6ek6CLMsBhKneVqUpYbn.yahoo.invalid
Wed Feb 2 10:10:59 GMT 2011

Ronald Shepherd wrote:

> Kevin,I have tried the email address Kevin at U7MgRVwH3DtVtbrO0fd1rhL6YF-Wo4RhfsvOkemn4Hq0-UqZSPGRbaaGBjUxCVhareGVaCQqSrj1.yahoo.invalid and my computer tells me
> there is no such address.Is it the correct address?

The address was working fine yesterday.  I suggest you (i) 
double check that you entered it correctly; (ii) try it 
entirely in lower case; and (iii) try using the address he 
used to post to the list: <ka136 at T0uDPdpFTw7bIQvMsUpZPcpPh5LtvcqD0uwlh038Avnmh4TjLoYPjNXCruLIFPMki-gpt2a_jbzKN9Y.yahoo.invalid>.



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