[Bell Historians] Peal information

Sue Marsden erincaters at gvPd9BFJBuUVbRgmMMXgdXB3P0KxHNTF9EG_-g13aoM1Yjtp8cKWZRRIrC6vLDsoc7GQxPK-3ABU2reD5Lvu_a2O3Gg.yahoo.invalid
Fri Feb 18 14:04:12 GMT 2011

> Canon Felstead was pretty thorough and I would be quite surprised if he had missed something that had been published in the RW.
> Mike

Yes, i would have been surprised if he had missed it had it been
published, but you never know. I did stick it on Campanophile (mainly
to see if anyone noticed) so it may have been picked up from there. I
suppose the most likely explanation is that either the concutor forgot
to send it, or it got lost in the post and no-one noticed. I wonder if
there are any other peals where the non-publicartion wasn't noticed?
Luckilly this one was recorded in the tower though it's taken me quite
a few years (nearly 15) to follow it up since I first saw it.



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