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Fri Feb 18 13:51:26 GMT 2011

--- In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, Sue Marsden <erincaters at ...> wrote:
> I see that the peal at Leverington which was not on Felstead when I
> sent this is now listed there with the reference "RW -1.0000",
> whatever this means. Did someone pick it up and add it from this list?

This is most probably a "holding number" put there so that there is something in the field in the database.  It will be replaced with the correct ID once the peal has been either published or a page ref found.

As did Canon Felstead, Andrew Craddock will pick up peals from wherever they are "published" and it is therefore possible that he has picked this peal up or been made aware of its existence.

> I was intending to send it to the RW but am waiting for the son of the
> conductor to see if he has any records of his father's, and also see
> if his uncle, Robert, who is the only surviving member of the band,
> has any recollection of it. But he is 89 and hi smemory is failing, so
> it isn't likely. I am also asking for a check to be made in the 1949
> EDA report in case it was missed from the 1948 report. Also a check of
> the RW of 1949 to see if it was published late would be helpful.

Csnon Felstead was pretty thorough and I would be quite surprised if he had missed something that had been published in the RW.



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