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Thu Jan 20 16:38:03 GMT 2011

Sue Marsden wrote on 20/01/2011 15:24:
> I think! I shall have to get a copy of Forbidden Methods.

It is an entertaining read because the author has a definite view on the 
way Law James handled the new CC's method definitions and the way that 
the new definitions rode roughshod over the long tradition of cartwheel 
ringing popular particularly in the area around Barnsley. 65's at hand 
don't stand out in cartwheel ringing the way they do with open 
handstrokes, and methods with handstroke 65's in the  plain course were 
common in the area. The labels 'irregular', 'illegal', and even 
'bastard' methods shows that Law James was not afraid of making judgements.

Hayden Charles


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