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If you can get hold of the Ringing Worlds for around 1964/5, Harold Chant published 'An Index of Minor Methods' as a series over quite a long period. In this he gave very interesting explanations of the history on many methods. As a young ringing nerd, I was totally captivated by this series!


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> >> Can anyone tell me when and where Primrose S Minor was first rung?
> >
> > Kingsland in 1959, but the Major was rung at Edenham in 1932.
> 1950, actually, according to Felstead, but that only refers to when
> the first peal was rung. I was wondering if it had been rung as a 720
> before that. Hayden has sort of answered my question, I think! I shall
> have to get a copy of Forbidden Methods.
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