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Sue Marsden erincaters at ZH7_p08i_oHeVXVW276--V3bjOGRR0HXfJgjCeA7WYoft1FWY5cTrfR7sQpXFZr2fNEsGDKR6FoEoJAYbo08.yahoo.invalid
Fri Jan 21 09:42:37 GMT 2011

On 20 January 2011 21:56, Richard Offen <richard.offen at rpTI2OExY73gqf0-S0bd3zvZkFqIDkItOIPqvpk7NvsG6r4VIZQNwO4KtX7nwZ6Hn9QjGtJ1c7r2_UxgSeY3vnc.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> If you can get hold of the Ringing Worlds for around 1964/5, Harold Chant published 'An Index of Minor Methods' as a series over quite a long period. In this he gave very interesting explanations of the history on many methods. As a young ringing nerd, I was totally captivated by this series!
> Richard

Thanks- I do have RWs for those years, currently on loan to Andrew
Craddock but I shall have them back when I can arrange to collect
them. I shall pas on the various opinions on Primrose to the person
who was wondering about it, having read about the Bamborough/Bamburgh
thread on Change Ringers. He was wondering (not entirely seriously!)
if it was another NE name connected with Primrose in SE Newcastle. I
think this is the unlikeliest explanation of the name.



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