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On 24/01/2011 09:09, Sue Marsden wrote:
> On 21 January 2011 13:04, Hayden Charles <hcharles at -lEzFW3UI9Qq0NkjWnDbDAVfIUC2UhHlreqZ6rJ5hwzq_Gs4mfhnlPSDqT0UmK9cmVIN2gT69zanlFfCcFo.yahoo.invalid 
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> > 147 treble-dodging methods which met the requirements.
> > Hayden Charles
> >
> Interesting that the number of 'legitimate' methods is the same as the
> maximum break at snooker!

The maximum normal break; it can be higher if the break begins with a 
free ball followed by potting the black and clearing the rest in the 
normal way for a maximum, giving a 155 break. I dont know if this has 
ever arisen; does anyone know? It is theoretically possible to begin a 
break in this way and then miss the final red/black, thus leaving the 
break at 147. I wonder if this should happen in a top competition the 
sponsors would pay out the special prize for a 147.

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