[Bell Historians] Method name

Sue Marsden erincaters at Cao-HsYNYO9A5IOoEP5YC-Eygdh8_Y7sSP3R14ulLNAE1_qBdTOUUAFmYAgukCveF33l_VvZbhXsWdxXbu5lcQT3.yahoo.invalid
Mon Jan 24 09:09:42 GMT 2011

On 21 January 2011 13:04, Hayden Charles <hcharles at MWZZ234xAm-baptZ48jfOl92iDsluxQ-YXaJBy_qiWuMXaLA8Upl_IU_hAwRPZdcSMXUjTSwwaXOiAMOJW3m.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> 147 treble-dodging methods which met the requirements.
> Hayden Charles

Interesting that the number of 'legitimate' methods is the same as the
maximum break at snooker!



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