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Can anyone on the list help with this enquiry please?

By all means respond directly to Phillipa, but I 
would appreciate being copied in.



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>Dear Robert
>I am working on a project to restore a chime of 
>ten  Memorial Bells at a Baptist Church in East 
>London. Installed in 1925, they are cast with 
>the names of over 169 local men from the church 
>and district who died serving in the First World 
>War. One bell has the name of Prince Maurice of 
>Battenberg, the only member of the royal family 
>to fall in the war, and one is dedicated to The Unknown Warrior.
>One of the volunteers who is researching the men 
>named on the bells – of whom nearly all records 
>have been lost – was told by someone at the 
>Imperial War Museum that this was the only set 
>of war memorial bells they had heard of where 
>the names of the fallen were actually cast into 
>the bells.  Others may have an inscription of 
>some kind but the names are listed elsewhere, for example on a plaque.
>We hadn’t realised it was so unusual to have the 
>names of the fallen cast into a chime or ring of 
>bells, and we are trying to find out if there 
>are in fact any others like this – as opposed to 
>dedications to one or two people.  Mr Donovan 
>suggested your readers might have the knowledge to help.
>The bells were cast by Gillett and Johnston and 
>are played with a clavier (or, in the past, an 
>electro-pneumatic tune-playing machine, which is 
>long gone). Gillett and Johnston apparently only 
>supplied bells of this kind (though on a much 
>larger scale) to one other Baptist church, Park 
>Avenue Baptist church in New York City which became the Riverside Church.
>I hope you can help.
>Many thanks
>Philippa King
>Development Manager
>Memorial Community Church
>395 Barking Road, Plaistow
>London  E13 8AL
>020 7474 6603 (church office)
>Support our Bell Tower Appeal at 
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