[Bell Historians] Re: Fwd: Memorial Bells enquiry

Robert Lewis editor at eA__F87NashsbEnFWZbTk8aOKFOwHswFmCoaOOKEpXtPvsg3DGW8Vkd5ONFKMd7JOrvpiGcFzN99V3iwIifpJQ.yahoo.invalid
Fri Jan 28 17:00:42 GMT 2011

At 14:23 28/01/2011, Mike wrote:
>We are drifting from the actual question. I suspect that a great 
>deal of bells are war memorials, such as the ring at Roker where I 
>learned to ring.
>The questioner was specifically looking at bells with lots of names 
>of the fallen.  Some nice photographs can be found here

I wonder what Prince Maurice of Battenberg's connection was with that 
particular part of East London.  I think the Mountbatten family have 
(or had) an estate somewhere in mid or north Essex, but that is a bit 
of a hike from Plaistow/Barking.



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